Lomography Introduces 35mm Slide Film

Lomography Sunset Strip 35mm Slide Film

Lomography Sunset Strip 35mm Slide Film

In an announcement that will delight analog users, Lomography released the Sunset Strip 35mm Slide Film. As the name suggests, the film gives a look that is similar to the tones of a sunset. It will enhance and intensify  the warm hues in your photographs. Additionally, the colour of the sprocket holes are different than the centre of the film, which is pre-coloured. The film promises an explosion of colours and will be available for a market price of USD 19(approx. Rs. 1000).


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One Response to “Lomography Introduces 35mm Slide Film”

  1. September 20, 2012 at 7:13 pm, giorgio said:

    Hi…apparently this is not a SLIDE film! it is a normal PREcoloured film. The name is very very misleading as there is no xpro happening. BIG fail from lomography


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