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  • K Madhavan Pillai, the Editor of Better Photography, strongly believes that photography is as much a spiritual journey, besides being a creative pursuit. According to him, photography is not just about patience and contemplation… the act of making a photograph is also a labour of love.
  • Gurjender Singh Virdi, the Executive Editor, is a publishing veteran, who has conceptualised and headed a number of different publications over the years. Besides acutely looking at the magazine with a magnifying eye, he also enjoys blogging about his views on the publishing scene in India.
  • Deputy Editor – Technical Shridhar Kunte is the man we turn to, when it comes to understanding any sort of technical knowhow—not just about cameras but also other gadgets and devices. An engineer by heart, he has manufactured some interesting products from scratch, including macro photography solutions, sound-activated triggers and even audio amplifiers.
  • Features Editor Raj Lalwani is almost always found with a camera around his neck—at times, even when he is sleeping. He believes that photography assumes a new meaning every time he looks through the viewfinder. According to him, inspiration lies in the fantastic, the ordinary and in love.
  • Senior Features Writer Ambarin Afsar not only enjoys exploring photography from unique perspectives, but is also greatly interested in different kinds of art forms, including fractal art and graphic novels. A voracious reader, you usually identify her as the one who always has her eyes buried into a book.
  • Apart from photography, Senior Features Writer Supriya Joshi loves all things unusual. From Mithun Chakraborty movies to obscure regional songs, she keeps a keen interest in the bizzare. A follower of pop culture, you can turn to her for any reference… weird and not so.
  • Features Writer Chandni Gajria likes to point her camera at almost everything, she greatly enjoys wedding photography. She is one of the most entertaining members of the team, with an ability to mimic quirky sounds of all kinds.
  • Features Writer Priyanka Chharia likes to describe herself as a visual scientist. She lives in a colourful world but the duality of black and white takes precedence when it comes to making images. She is interested in engaging with multiple forms of the visual and looks at photography as a way of life. Her dream is to live in a darkroom.
  • Features Writer Ketan Kundargi loves the wilderness as much as he loves photography. Always up for a trek, he also loves exploring the city on his motorcycle.
  • Features Writer Conchita Fernandes is almost always found drawing quirky doodles in her notebook. She appreciates the smaller things in life and makes it a point to illustrate her experiences, not just in photographs, but also in her drawings.
  • Assistant Art Director Santosh D Kamble aka Fireman, loves to ask whether he can fire away the magazine’s pages to the press. With diverse interests ranging from Michael Jackson’s dance moves to art and design theories from around the world, he finishes laying out articles before we even get a chance to breathe.
  • Senior Designer Bhavna Bastav is an ardent lover of cooking and you can find her looking at new recipes to try out. Her interests revolve around appreciating photographs and being photographed.
  • Junior Designer Uttam Kumar‘s journey in Better Photography coincides with his first ever visit to Bombay from Bhilai, Chattisgarh. While he loves to experiment with different art forms, his favourite medium remains pencil on paper.

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