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I was waiting for a bus when this scene unfolded several kilometres away from me. Modern cameras ensure you do not miss the moment, no matter how far away you are from the subject!

Quirks in the City

Supriya Joshi invites you to take a closer look at your city, and enjoy all its little whims, oddities and peculiarities through photography.

Pay special attention to kids. The memories you capture will become extremely important to them in the future. Photograph/Rajiv Kumar

20 Simple Secrets For Fun Holiday Photos

K Madhavan Pillai tells you how to get an album full of happy summer holiday memories by using some easy picture making practices.

Photograph/Charles O’Rear. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Most Viewed Image Ever

As we bid adieu to the OS that became synonymous with most of our desktop experiences, let’s take a look back to the image that defined Windows XP.


Simple Organisation Tips for Folders in Lightroom

A simple tip to help Lightroom users organise their folders.

Noise reduction in Photoshop CC

Noise Reduction on Photoshop CC

Things to keep in mind when reducing noise in Camera RAW on Photoshop CC.


A Design Agency and a Photography Studio put the HP Z3200 to the Test

Two different businesses try out the HP Designjet Z3200 and come away with different observations. Read more to find out.

HP Tells You How To: Create Backlit Applications

Right from printing, cutting, finishing and framing applications like luminous lamp shades and stunning LED light displays, HP’s tutorial gives you plenty of creative ideas.

Ranger RX Speed AS

Ranger RX Speed AS: Portable Power

The Ranger RX Speed AS is a portable battery pack with the advantages of power and speed.

Digital RX 1200 Power Pack

Digital RX 1200 Power Pack for Professional Imaging

The latest Digital RX series incorporates electronic know-how combined with high manufacturing quality at affordable prices.

Photograph/Fuyang Zhou

HIPA’s ‘Creating the Future’ Contest Winners Announced

Here is a look at all the winners of this prestigious award.

Smart Sharpen

Basics of Sharpening: Photoshop CC

Sharpening tips for the Photoshop CC user


HP Tells You How To: Finish Large Format Photos and Posters

From using simple poster hangers to elaborate photo wraparound frames, HP’s video tells you all about innovative photo finishing techniques!

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